Queens Journey

The Sessions

Greenwich Palace

It is 1578 and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I is planning a long journey called a ‘progress’. She will travel to Norwich; the furthest away from the safety of London she has ever travelled. She is meeting with the members of her privy council. Listen in as they discuss their travel plans.

Long Melford

The Queen and her entourage have arrived at Melford Hall. Sir William Cordell was a fine host. Pay close attention to how the Queen and Council feel about who she wishes to marry and her feelings about Mary, Queen of Scots.

Bury St Edmunds

The mood is quieter in Bury St Edmunds after a splendid visit to Melford Hall. The Queen is being hosted at the Old Abbey and she is suffering from a chill and a pain in her face. Many letters were written concerning matters of state both home and abroad…


Conspiracy! The court’s time at Euston Hall has become tense, with the discovery of a Catholic icon at the home of Mr Rookward.


After the events at Euston, the party will be hoping for a less contentious time at Kenninghall. How likely that is though, remains to be seen! Their host is none other than Philip Howard, Earl of Surrey (the son of the Duke of Norfolk, who was executed for his part in the Ridolphi plot)


Elizabeth entered the city through St Stephen’s Gate on Saturday 16 August. Her royal diary was packed with festivities, feasting receiving gifts and hunting. After 5 nights her words to her people were “I have laid up in my breast such goodwill as I shall never forget Norwich, farewell.”


On leaving Norwich the Queen was finely hosted overnight at Kimberley Tower. To add to the splendour of this large, moated residence an elaborate throne of crimson velvet and delicate embroidery was erected in her honour.


The feasts and festivities are finished, and the party are enjoying the luxurious surroundings of Hengrave Hall, in Suffolk. How do Elizabeth and her advisors feel as their Progress nears completion? What of the many and various political and religious concerns that have followed them on their travels?

The Masque and Dances

The queen enjoyed entertainment in the form of a Masque and dancing.