Programme Introduction

Designed for Norfolk schools and Home Educators. Putting on a Pageant 1578 (POP 1578) is a FREE** online literacy and local history education programme. It adopts a blended approach of Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ with immersive storytelling in a method termed ‘Structured Stories through Immersive Adventures’.*

We use this methodology and the original source material, to tell the story of Queen Elizabeth I’s extraordinary visit to Norwich in 1578. This colourful event will act as a springboard for student story creation, recollection and storytelling across primary key stages.

*Inspired by Royal Historic Palaces Curious Stories: Supporting primary literacy in the historic environment. By Fenella Goodhart, Deborah Hogan, Claire Chard and Emma Morioka 2017.

**£50 registration per school/home to support administration, security and maintenance of the website.

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The POP 1578 programme (.pdf)

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“The sessions we were able to complete were immersive, and the knowledge gained was remembered by the children long after the sessions finished (my own son can still recall key dates, people and events after six months away from school!).”

— Mr Barber, Avenue Junior School KS2

“It was brilliant meeting Thomas Churchyard and imaginatively travelling back in time, it really took the children out of the classroom and into Elizabethan Norwich.”

— Mr Cook, Charles Darwin Academy KS1

Parent/Carer Participation

Photograph of animation activity
Create your own animation!

To truly embed the programme’s approach we encourage you to fully engage with your student’s parents/carers. There are activities to complete in the classroom with parent/carers invited to participate (or at home if your remote classroom is operating).

Evaluation results from Curious Stories* evidenced an increased use of imagination, student confidence and self-esteem, language development and improved communication between parent, child and school.

Guidance for Teachers

Once registration is complete teachers will enter the POP 1578 website, working through the programme session by session. Each session has guidance to read prior to delivery in the classroom.

Some preparation and printing, occasional art resources and having items available such as card, pens, rulers and magnifying glasses should be organised ahead of time. The programme schedule prompts you to this.

Guidance comes by way of an explanatory document. This is an overview explaining the topic of the session and the resources needed. There are also aims and objectives documents to assist you in tracking students progress.

Two photos of a students working on the POP 1578 programme

Session Resources

Annie the Archivist at the Norfolk Record Office
Annie The Archivist

Each of the 7 classroom sessions and the 3 Explore More sessions have a main Google slide embedded with short films of archive professionals, historical characters, or artists who guide and encourage curiosity and discussion as well as introducing activities. (**please do not edit these slides as they are live in our G-drive!)

Simply work through the slides with students/children in class or at home. Classroom sessions or Explore More sessions can be delivered to whole classes in school. They have also been designed to work via remote learning with students at home, including parent/carers when required.

Activity Film Clips

Activity instructions and drama games film clips are included in the Google slides. If all session resources are prepped, the slides and resources will guide the session. No in-depth pre-session research is needed by the teacher. Although we recommend teachers and any support staff run through the session Google slides prior to delivery in class.

There are drama activity film clips and adapted British Sign Language film clips to aid and encourage story map actions.

Photo of Christina Brailsford doing adapted sign language and an example of the story map illustration
Story map actions

Structured Stories through Immersive Adventures

Image of washing lines activity in a classroom
Washing lines ( )

The POP 1578 programme adopts a blended approach of Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ with immersive storytelling in a method termed ‘Structured Stories through Immersive Adventures’.

We use this methodology to tell the story of Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to Norwich in 1578. It enables children to imitate the language of this unique historical event before reading about it, analysing it, and eventually writing their own version of it.

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